The key to sustainability is biofuels and Keyser is a market player in Asia in trading biofuels. We supply Palm Methyl Ester from Malaysia and Indonesia aside from a few biomass types for the midstream market. From High FFA Crude Palm Oil to Palm Kernel Shells, Keyser is to supply these commodities to the global market.

  • Palm Methyl Ester
  • High FFA Crude Palm Oil
  • Palm Acid Oil
  • Soybean Oil
  • Palm Kernel Shells
In the Labs
  • Algae mass production
  • Algae to hydrogen
  • Algae to biodiesel

We and our partners are harnessing the power of algae to produce sustainable biofuels which includes biodiesel and hydrogen. We focus on the mass production of the algae biomass which will be be an essential part of the world’s sustainable future.