Manufacturing & Production Process

1. Design & Development
  • Work Station with AutoCAD Pro Facility
  • KEYFLEX Expansion Joints’ detailed calculation in accordance with EJMA Software
  • Autodesk Inventor and PV Elite
2. Bellow Layer Process
  • Shearing Machine
  • Cutting and measuring of metal sheets
3. Automatic and Mechanized Welding Process

Section IX, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

  • Welding operator performance qualification – (WOPQ)
  • Welder performance qualification – (WPQ)
4. Bellow Forming Methods

Hydro Forming Machine

Mechanical Roll Forming Machine

  • Element convolutions are made on the tube using the Hydro and Mechanical Roll Forming Methods
5. Fabrication & Assembly
  • Manufacturer’s Welding Procedure Specifications(WPS) in-accordance with ASME codes & DNV rules.
6. KEYFLEX Expansion Joints
7. Dynamic Testing
  • KEYFLEX expansion will be inspected by Dye Penetration Test/Hydro-test to ensure high quality of your products.