Keyser Bitumen

We have just released our Bitumen product line in the market. Keyser Bitumen™ has passed multiple quality control certification bodies. Recently, the Indonesian government has certified and endorsed our bitumen product line specifically the penetration grade 60/70 to the local Indonesian market. Our bitumen 60/70 has endured weeks of laboratory tests including strength and durability.

We offer different bitumen types which include penetration and viscosity grades. We assure that our products are certified as per ASTM test standards.

Keyser is a major supplier of bitumen in Asia and Pacific region targeting above 2.4 million metric tonnes of total annual trading volume for the penetration grade 60/70 and the viscosity grade AS 2008. We have established strong relationships with major bitumen refineries and drumming facilities in the Middle East and Europe. Keyser has the ability and the structure to arrange sizable contracts of bitumen for the mid and down stream markets which includes oil companies, distributors and asphalt mixing plants.

We have saturated our presence in some major bitumen-importing countries in Asia, contributing a high percentage on their annual import volume. Keyser with its commodity trading platform in Singapore, aims to become a major bitumen trader in the world.

  • 40/50
  • 60/70
  • 80/100
  • 100/150
  • Viscosity Grade (AS 2008)
  • Performance Grade
  • Cutback
  • Emulsions
  • Oxidized
  • Etc.
  • Bulk Vessel / Heating Coil
  • Flexy Bag
  • Homogeneous Plastic Bag (50 Kg)
  • Steel Drums (155 / 180 Kg)

Bitumen is a significant ingredient in producing asphalt mix for building roads around the world. Depending on the asphalt specifications, it ranges around ±6% of the total mix.

Bitumen Certifications


Keyser Bitumen™ specifically the penetration grade 60/70 has been recently certified and endorsed by the Indonesian government as it passed their weeks of chemical composition analysis and durability tests in asphalt mix.